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1-1 Sessions

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1-1 Free Trial Taster
£0 (45mins)

Try First, Sign up later

The Trial Taster allows you to book an appointment with us for a free 45 minutes session. The session assesses you as an individual to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and will give you a brief outline of what needs to be improved.

Soccer Tricks

1-1 Session Standard
£30 (1hour) OR £25 (45 mins)

Pay As You Go

This is our standard price per session, although we recommended that you try our bulk options, we understand that it is not always an option or even if your not sure just yet, we accept pay as you go.

Ready to Kick

x3 1-1 Sessions Package
£85 (1 hour) OR £70 (45 mins)

£5 Off

Save £5 every time you book 3 one hour sessions in advance. This is a fantastic deal for new clients.

Soccer Player

x5 1-1 Sessions Package
£135 (1 hour) OR £112.50 (45 mins)

10% Off

If you book 5 one hour sessions in advance then you get 10% OFF! The perfect deal for a series of weekly sessions. Plus At the end of the 5 weeks you will receive an assessment report and video analysis (consent needed).

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Price List

Groups, Schools & Camps


Small Group Session (4-10 pupils)
£15 each (1 hour)

Take part in our highly advanced football training small group sessions with one of our UEFA qualifed coaches.

Football Workshop (Schools)
£35 per hour (per coach)

Our football workshops are available to primary and secondary schools that offer a range of skills and techniques in football to pupils to prepare them for competitions, games and for life.

Afterschool Clubs
£6 each (1 hour)

Our School clubs offer individuals term time lessons (6 weeks), learn basic skills, techniques, rules, modified games, phases of play and above all, play for fun. We offer over 20 different clubs such as football, cricket, athletics, basketball, kin-ball and many more!

Football Day Camps
£25 each

Our day camps generally run from 9am to 3pm, we offer individuals to develop their football skills, on the day we offer multiple group sessions, personal 1-1 sessions, advanced 1-1 goalkeeping sessions, competitions and a range of fun games.

Club Football Training

Supporting the community

£35 Per Coach (1 hour)

Club training (Standard level)

For local football clubs looking for some tips, advice, or high standard quality football training, we provide one of our UEFA qualified coaches to deliver a one hour session.

Schedule a Session

£50 Per Coach (1 hour & 30 mins)

Club training (Intermediate level)

With this package, we will provide one of our UEFA qualified coaches to deliver a high standard performance session that focuses on one specific aim such as positioning, attacking/defending, possession etc.

Schedule a Session

£65 Per Coach (2 hours)

Advanced/ Elite training

Personal Football Coach is unlike any other coaching program out there. We understand that each individual that walks through our doors has unique circumstances and needs. Therefore this package focuses on high standard footballers with specific advanced group and individual drills.

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