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About Us

Personal Football Coach (PFC) was created in 2019. PFC offers a range of one to one football training sessions to help meet client's personal goals. Sessions are flexible and challenged into weekly stages to test you or your child's ability to allow the appropriate capabilities for personal development skills. We will guide you or your child through nurturing the wide options of learning new skills, improving technical abilities, developing intelligence and improving confidence & motivation. Training is tested through dedicated hard work and motivation.


1. Fast Development process

2. High quality tailored sessions

3. Low stress environment

4. Instant feedback & assessment

5. Fun & enjoyable

6. Improves personal responsibility

7. Improves character & self-confidence

8. Educates in football & fitness routines

9. Eliminates distractions

10. Sets personalised goals


Grow with Personal Football Coach

Moving You Forward

Feeling stuck? Struggling to bend it like Beckham? Or dribble like Messi? We can help with a variety of skills, techniques and traits that will help you achieve your personal goals. Our coaches are fully qualified, first-aid trained and have years of experience in football coaching.

Image by Hussain Ibrahim Personal Football Coach

Valued Clients


James valued client Personal Football Coach


"Tommy has coached my 7 year son for 5 months . My son has ADHD and autism and can be challenging. Tommy with his patience and skills found a way to teach my son and show him skills he was wanting to learn for football . My son progressed very well within these 5 months. I would not hesitate to recommend Tommy as I think he has been such a valuable asset to my son in these last few months."

(Parent Suzanne)

James made the school football team he struggled to get into and is improving his game every time he plays.

Liam valued client Personal Football Coach


"My son has trained with Tommy for over a year and during this time Tommy has worked on my sons areas of development and they have now turned into his strengths on the pitch Tommy is fantastic and I would highly recommend the 1-1 sessions."

(Parent Danny)

Liam now plays for Soccer Elite Football Academy (SEFA) scoring many goals and puts in a 100% work rate.

Christian valued client Personal Football Coach


"Tommy has been brilliant with my son Christian, Christian is now a more confident attacker and has gone on to won multiple trophies for his club in a short period of time."

(Parent CJ)

Christian now plays for Bromley FC and SEFA and is beating defenders with his superior pace and skill.

Harrison valued client Personal Football Coach


"I've been really impressed with the standard and approach to the coaching on offer.Tommy has really helped my son develop, individually tailoring sessions to focus on what he needs the most. We've seen a great improvement in his confidence and ability when applying his skills in games."
(Parent Stephen)

Luc valued client Personal Football Coach


"My son has recently started training one to one with Tommy as we wanted him to focus on fitness and agility to enhance his game. Luc really enjoys the sessions and feels that he is benefiting from it. Tommy shows a good understanding of Luc's strengths and needs and always gives feedback in a positive way that Luc can understand and knows what he needs to work on. We look forward to having many more sessions with Tommy in the future. I am confident that it will improve Luc's ability as a player."

(Parent Phil)

Jamie valued client Personal Football Coach


"Moved my son away from a weekly advanced academy to 1-2-1 sessions with Tommy. He spotted the weaknesses in my sons game in the first session and has helped to correct them which has definitely transferred into his' on-pitch performance. Would definitely recommend."
(Parent David)

Coming Soon Neon Light Personal Football Coach


Tommy Newman
Founder/ Managing Director of PFC

Before my coaching career, I was gifted enough to play professional and semi-pro football. After suffering a back and knee injury, I had to throw in the towel towards a professional football career. However I decided I wanted to make something out of football and pursued my desire for coaching. I have learnt in life, If you cannot make your dreams in life, create new ones. I have worked for many sport and football organisations over the years and I have also been employed as a PE specialist working in both primary and secondary, and also special education needs schools. My job now is to simply help others with anything they need in the football and fitness industry. 



My credentials:

UEFA B Licensed Coach

BA Hons degree in Physical Education

Level 3 REPS Personal Trainer

First Aid Qualified

FA Safeguarding children & For All

Experience: 15 years +


PRO_Season_Logo_Horizontal_White Personal Football Coach

Pro Season is a platform that connects team players with trainers, clubs and scouts. A smart user-friendly solution based on many years of practical experience. Pro Season combines mobile technology for team players, trainers and scouts with web technology for the clubs. 

clubbly testlogo Personal Football Coach

Clubbly is a school platform that provides organisations such as ourselves to provide afterschool clubs to children in primary schools.

Coachability logo7 Personal Football Coach

Coachability is a platform that provides highly qualified coaches such as ourselves to provide high standard personal football training.

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