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For everyone not just athletes

Join up today with JUICE PLUS+

Juice Plus+ is a fantastic nutritional company that aims to inspire healthy living around the world! Suitable for all ages from children to adults. 

Healthy eating is an important factor for us all and it can be difficult for most people, so we are here to support and guide you in the right direction. 


The Positive Lifestyle Programme (see FB link below) is a fantastic Juice Plus+ guide that gives you bags of knowledge and insight of what we should be fueling our bodies with. It also gives great guidance on weight loss, bulking, organic recipes and much more, all that is needed to live a healthy positive lifestyle.

Sign up today, make your first purchase from the Juice Plus Shop or for more info - click the link below and it will take you to my Juice Plus+ Partner page (Tommy Newman - Director of PFC)

Get a free PT session or 1-1 football session when you make a 1st time Juice Plus+ purchase 

Get free online nutritional support (FB accountability group)

Get a free PT guide upon first purchase

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