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Player Grading System

Embrace the challenge

PGS - What is it?


Personal Football Coach very own individual player grading system allows players to take a grading test which will test their abilities and put the individual through a series of challenging drills. The grading tests require a specific score percentage for the player to pass
the grading, all players must start from Grade 1 and work their way up. Please note, before taking a grading test, we recommend you prepare by training with us before taking them.

Although the player grading system does not give you a free pass into a professional football club, it is merely to allow the player to recognise their own sense of achievements and to keep pushing themselves through constant challenges and by training. 

Soccer Player
Physical Training

PGS - How it works?

All players will be given a grading booklet and for every grade passed, they will receive a graded pass stamp into their booklet. 


Grade 1 - Beginner Bronze (65% pass rate)
Grade 2 - Beginner Silver (65% pass rate)
Grade 3 - Beginner Gold (70% pass rate)
Grade 4 - Intermediate Bronze (70% pass rate)
Grade 5 - Intermediate Silver (75% pass rate)
Grade 6 - Intermediate Gold (75% pass rate)
Grade 7 - Advanced bronze (80% pass rate)
Grade 8 - Advanced Silver (80% pass rate)
Grade 9 - Advanced Gold (85% pass rate)
Grade 10 - Elite (85% pass rate)

PGS - How to book?

To book a PGS test, you must simply be on our register. You can book your test at any time but it is recommended that you take our advice to see if you are ready. All grading tests are an hour long and are designed to be outfield position specific from Grade 4 onwards.

Check out Max in training!

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