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Curricular & Extra-curricular activities

Available to primary, secondary and SEN schools. (Mainstream & Private)

Breakfast & Afterschool Clubs

Our School clubs offer individuals breakfast & afterschool extra-curricular activities (5 to 7 weeks), learn basic skills, techniques, rules, modified games and above all, play for fun. We offer over 20 different clubs such as football, cricket, athletics, basketball, dodgeball, kin-ball and many more!

PE Lessons

When it comes to PPA cover, Personal Football Coach aims to offer the highest quality of teaching. We have our own PE scheme of work which means no lesson planning for school teachers, we provide lesson planning, assessments and reports. Our coaches are highly trained in a variety of sports such as football, rugby, tennis, hockey, fitness, dance and many more.

Breakfast & afterschool club Personal Football Coach
PE lessons Personal Football Coach
School club training Personal Football Coach

School Team Training

Our school team training offers individuals to practice team based scenarios to prepare them for inter/intra school competitions and matches against other school teams & academies.

It also lets children experience high standard training in a safe setting and further develops them individually as a player and improving them to work together as a large group. 

Football Workshop Personal Football Coach

Football Workshop

Our football workshops is a one off session delivered by one of our qualified coaches to give you a brief outline of how we work, it is educational, fun and a chance to develop new ideas for pupils and teachers. 

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